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Sunbird Quote of the Day

On what parents should know:

A perfect example of minority rule is a baby in the house.

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Sunbird Quote of the Day

Man a dunce uncouth,
Errs in age and youth;
Babies know the truth.
 – Swinburne
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Fun Times at Sunbird!

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Sunbird Quote of the Day

Children are today’s investment & tomorrow’s dividend.

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Age-appropriate learning.

At Sunbird, we know that early learning is better learning. But we also believe in children learning via methods according to their age.
While we have several education programs tailored to each age, every day at Sunbird balances individual and group learning, structure, choice as well as exploration. Apart from a routine that emphasizes language, math, social and academic skills, Sunbird also organizes monthly field trips, fun learning and craft activities.

Here is a broad overview of each age group’s goals at Sunbird:

For Toddlers (up to 2 years)
The age of discovery. Learning about themselves and those around them. Encouraging them to listen and talk. Hugs and cuddles are a vital part of this age group’s goals.

Prep 1 (2 to 3 years)
Along with an academic curriculum, the Early Learners also enjoy activities like singing, storytelling, creative art and character building. Our excellent teacher/pupil ratio allows a response to individual interests, needs and developmental levels.

Prep 2 (3 to 4 years)
Students at this age will have already learned quite a bit through our multiple intelligence methods. Our enhanced curriculum will further advance skills in the eight intelligences. Children graduating from this group can easily move on to “big” schools with confidence.

LKG (4 to 5 years) (Coming soon)
After learning the three “Rs” in a fun and casual way, the student has to now associate what he has learned with what is presented. His learning is extended through careful teacher supervision.

UKG (5 to 6 years)  (Coming soon)
The final year offered at Sunbird, the UKG student will be thoroughly prepared in all aspects for his integration into the first class – with emphasis on life skills and thinking for himself. Thus he can successfully integrate at the best of higher schools.

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Fun Times at Sunbird!

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Inside Sunbird: The teaching methodologies

Having a natural flair for teaching is great. But having scientific, time-tested methodologies is even better.

At Sunbird, we combine three respected methodologies to ensure that your child gets the best learning through the method that most suits him. Our dedicated team of teachers ensures that we find the method that works for your child and thereby make his early learning more fun and better.

Here’s a short introduction to each of the methods we use.

Montessori  Education
This system of education is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for guiding such growth. It is based on two important developmental needs of children:
1. The need for freedom within limits
2. A carefully prepared environment which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences.

We have integrated many Montessori methods into Sunbird’s curriculum and it has yielded amazing results in the children’s co-ordination and decision-making skills.

The Glenn Doman Education
This is an innovative and provocative way of learning. Through extensive studies, Glenn Doman suggests that sight-reading, encyclopedic knowledge and math values can be learned from the tender age of 10 months. In order to achieve early learning, kinesthetic ability is vital. With the use Sunbird’s unique “Brachiation Tool”, our little ones have achieved better coordination and stamina.  Applying this method has achieved that young minds learned to recognize parts of the above mentioned academic lessons by the age of 3-4.

The Multi Intelligence Theory
The theory of Multiple Intelligence was proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner . There exists a multitude of intelligences, quite independent of each other; that each intelligence has its own strengths and constraints:
• Logical-mathematical intelligence (number/reasoning smart)
• Spatial intelligence (picture smart)
• Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence (body smart)
• Musical intelligence (music smart)
• Interpersonal intelligence (people smart)
• Intrapersonal intelligence (self smart)
• Naturalist intelligence (nature smart)
• Linguistic (language smart)

Since it is Sunbird’s aim to provide well-rounded education, we have woven the above mentioned methods into our curricula for the children from two to four years old, with impressive all-round progress.

More than teaching, it’s learning
Along with the above mentioned features, Sunbird also promotes character building values that are stressed at every opportunity. Audio-Visual Aids are used to be supportive ‘role models’ for the little ones.

For most children starting school is difficult, moving from familiar surroundings to an activity hub with unknown folks. Many little ones are also used to morning naps. However we have found that by combining the above mentioned curricula, even the most shy and reticent tots are soon intrigued by the environment full of activities. Within a week or two, they develop a keen interest to join in on all the activities and learning – and the fun begins!

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Sunbird Quote of the Day

True education enrolls men at the cradle and graduates them at the grave.

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Gentling the tiger – the importance of discipline for children.

Benjamin Franklin once said: Teach your child obedience and you will have taught him everything.

In life, we’ve all experienced how the “discipline” factor can make or break a person and his success.We aim to instill this quality in our students through gentle yet effective teaching methods.

Through personalized attention and care-giving, we at Sunbird support parents and encourage them in their journey towards discipline with close interaction and counseling.

Discipline in a child’s life is very important – and very hard to instill. At Sunbird, we believe that each child is different, and responds to different methods of learning.

Developing a good understanding with the parents and child involved, we have successfully brought children up to par with their discipline and etiquette standards through positive and creative problem solving.

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