Age-appropriate learning.

At Sunbird, we know that early learning is better learning. But we also believe in children learning via methods according to their age.
While we have several education programs tailored to each age, every day at Sunbird balances individual and group learning, structure, choice as well as exploration. Apart from a routine that emphasizes language, math, social and academic skills, Sunbird also organizes monthly field trips, fun learning and craft activities.

Here is a broad overview of each age group’s goals at Sunbird:

For Toddlers (up to 2 years)
The age of discovery. Learning about themselves and those around them. Encouraging them to listen and talk. Hugs and cuddles are a vital part of this age group’s goals.

Prep 1 (2 to 3 years)
Along with an academic curriculum, the Early Learners also enjoy activities like singing, storytelling, creative art and character building. Our excellent teacher/pupil ratio allows a response to individual interests, needs and developmental levels.

Prep 2 (3 to 4 years)
Students at this age will have already learned quite a bit through our multiple intelligence methods. Our enhanced curriculum will further advance skills in the eight intelligences. Children graduating from this group can easily move on to “big” schools with confidence.

LKG (4 to 5 years) (Coming soon)
After learning the three “Rs” in a fun and casual way, the student has to now associate what he has learned with what is presented. His learning is extended through careful teacher supervision.

UKG (5 to 6 years)  (Coming soon)
The final year offered at Sunbird, the UKG student will be thoroughly prepared in all aspects for his integration into the first class – with emphasis on life skills and thinking for himself. Thus he can successfully integrate at the best of higher schools.

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