Sunbird proudly presents the Theatrebugs, Saturdays 10:30 AM to 12 PM!

 Our first Creative Drama class started off with two children and lots of fun and Max the Puppet! 

The class is headed by Josef from Germany who is a professional entertainer and puppeteer. By the 2nd game, even one of the shy children started to participate and join in the fun of action out animals. She is excitedly waiting for the next class on Saturday.

Our Early Years Drama classes are designed to take children into an imaginary world where they can comfortably explore feelings, words, sounds, movement and their relationships with others. Our skilled drama practitioner guides children through each story creatively, allowing them to make up their very own version as they all become the sights, sounds and characters.
What does Drama do?

Drama helps children make sense of their world by integrating experience, inquiry, and creativity with knowledge. It also allows students to make choices and to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions in a safe, respectful and nurturing environment.
Children can’t always explain what they feel emotionally in situations of anger, love, frustration, relief; drama activities develop their ability to express themselves. Drama lessons, in general, teach participants how to express themselves and act out freely in an open space that allows for a full range of body motion.

Theatrebugs turning the prop from the bag into something else!

Mili thinks this is a flower in her hair

Atse thinks of the water gun as shooting flowers at people

Also look at the fun video we made. We composed a song at the end of our interactive story we acted out. Everyone added a line to make our impromptu created song a fun success.

Click HERE to view the video.

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