Early Learning Achievers

McKayla Maroney is the perfect example of just how far children can go with early education; particularly mobility and communication. Sunbird continues to strive for excellence in children through early learning.

McKayla Maroney was born on December 9, 1995 to Mike and Erin Maroney. She has two siblings, Tarynn and Kav, and is home schooled in order to train as an elite gymnast.”When I was younger,” Maroney said. “I would be watching Tarzan and be running around on all fours. My mom said ‘I need to put this child in gymnastics. She’s crazy.'” Thus, Kayla started at the gym at 18 months!!

McKayla Maroney is a member of the American Olympic Gymnastic team  2012 and has the following achievements to her credit:
World Championship
Gold 2011 Tokyo  Team
Gold 2011 Tokyo  Vault
Pan American Championships
Gold 2010 Guadalajara  Team
Gold 2010 Guadalajara  Vault
Gold 2010 Guadalajara  Floor
Visa Championships
Gold 2011 Saint Paul    Vault
Silver 2011 Saint Paul  All-Around

Imagine what your child could do with early learning!

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