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Decathlon Field Trip




Excursion for two years old and up in Decathlon, January 2013: two hours of fun with  bouncing, running and  inquiring. This field trip was a follow up of the theme “sports” .

DSC_0937 DSC_0957 DSC_0972 DSC03022 DSC02995DSC_0995



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Art Classes 2013

art classes are fun!
art classes are fun!

Fresco Class: The students learned how to mix colours and paint flowers onto a damp surface


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christmas with sunbird

A lively performance by the older children with songs, poems and a little skit and puppet show kept the audience spellbound. Performance is a natural part of early learning and instills self confidence. Christmas with Sunbird 2012 was a happy one indeed.


photo 1

A part of Christmas was celebrated as a field trip with the theme ‘giving’, where the older children performed at a slum school in Bomenahalli and distributed little gifts.





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