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showing the way

I have seed to raise and I plough the field

And I plant my crops with care,

And I thank the Lord for the rain He sends

As I watch them growing there.

But I don’t sit down with a book by day,

And let my crops run wild,

For crops won’t grow by themselves, I know;

Is it different with a child?

–Edgar A. Guest

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Furtados Music House field trip

Sunbird children love music and were richly awarded when Furtados Music House openedĀ its door to them and let them experience the various sounds and melodies themselves.

DSC03262 DSC03266 DSC03273 DSC03276 DSC03283 DSC03296

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young woman’s day


A girl is innocence playing inĀ the mud, beauty standing on its head, & motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.

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