In February, we held an interesting seminar titled: The Art of communication with children. The core theme consisted of ten key points which were love, sense of timing, patience,respect, honesty, sensitivity and tact, wisdom, confidentiality and trust, sense of humor, clarity, regularity in communication. The seminar was very interactive, and parents enacted various scenes, of how to handle difficult situations. Here are some impressions from the Seminar, written by parents:
Handling children of different ages is a challenge. This seminar helped me to handle situations with love and patience and also to put myself int the child’s place. (Linda)

Very interesting seminar. Some basic and fundamental issues regarding communication were introduced appropriately with relevant examples. Very useful to parents.(Swetha)

I am really glad to attend this seminar. It helped me to understand the importance of proper communication and skills to be developed within me to improve the mental development of my child. Thank you. ( Neethu)

“Child upbringing” it’s a big responsibility. Happy to be a part of the seminar. Not merely informative, but has given light into a lot of things which may appear small but very vital they the kids grow up to an adult. Because it build their personality. Very Enlightening presentation. Thanks so much. (Latha)]

It was definitely a learning especially how to go about the situation by saying a “yes” and not “no. Looking forward to the next one. (Srinivas)

It was a great experience for me to be part of my kid’s personality and communication. ( Shruti)

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