Graduation Day 2014

Congratulations to all our children for a year completed with much progress. The performance on Graduation Day gave insight to and made all the parents proud of what their little ones had mastered during the past year. Pictures display the following:

Brachiation : ( Movement in which the suspended body swings by the arms from one hold to another) in which the early                                           cortex is functional and  brachiation stimulates coordination

rolling in a disciplined manner : a part of the fundamental active balance program

“Bridge” : a part of the fundamental active balance program and a ‘primer’ for the eventual backward somersault

Sunbird Early Learning Centre philosophy is that a big part of early learning is early mobility. This stimulates the brain and will enhance other early learning skills, such as reading, maths, creativity, etc.

Creative story telling is another emphasised activity in Sunbird. There are already some young ones, picking up on the skill and narrating their own stories in front of an audience.

Reading comes natural to children, if they are introduced into it early. Reading a book at four years old isn’t that much of a challenge after all.

The ‘wheels’ on the bus is an all time favorite in the school. The youngsters performed three dances and action songs. Since they are well associated with movement, doing such things is a piece of cake!


Every student received a certificate for their outstanding qualities or completion of a class. The Graduation Day ended with a grand finale of all the parents inviting everyone to a sumptous potluck lunch. Thank you


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