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Sunbird Carnival 2015

Dear All Thanks to all the children, parents and visitors Sunbird Carnival was a blast with exciting games, face painting, arts and crafts stall and of course ¬†funny Jockel the Clown. All were in for a healthy treat with Mrs. Sunila’s yummy bakes from undercover bakers. Hope to see more of you soon in our fun place, where learning and happy times don’t stop.

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Just About Done


I once knew a middle-aged man, an accountant, who had a ledger-book-size Christmas-card list. In this thick book all the pages were filled; there were hundreds and hundreds of names. “Business contacts?” I asked. He glanced over, paused for a moment as though considering whether he should tell me something important, then said, “No, they’re relationships.” He anticipated my next question and went on in his accounting terminology, “Every relationship you form, no matter how small, if it is genuine, can be an asset of eternal duration. No other entry can cancel it out. Some of us spend all our time on temporary assets: Money, positions, achievements. We ought to spend more on the eternal assets like relationships. Whenever I earn one, I make an entry on my Christmas card list.”
I watched the accountant closer from then on and found that he practiced what he preached. When he met someone–on a plane, in his business, at a PTA meeting–his attitude seemed to be, “What can I learn from you? What is interesting and unique about you?” For him, life was a fascinating kaleidoscope of relationships, of endless people, each endlessly interesting and each offering more potential joy than a new car or a new position.

How To

General ideas.
1. Develop a tradition of listening. Really listen.
2. Have a sense of humour. Laugh at your own mistakes and laugh with children at every opportunity.
3. Always encourage children to hug and make up after a disagreement.
4. Show romantic love between parents: Holding hands, kissing as you leave, opening the car door, sitting close together, avoiding harsh words, emphasising loving words.
5. Teach and explain the Golden Rule.
6. Role reversal: Let the children play parents and you play child, so they see and appreciate your problems.
1. Speak candidly, graphically, logically to children.
2. Help children write letters–you write what they express. Praise them for phrasing things well.
3. Give lavish praise whenever children explain or say anything particularly well.
4. At dinner, encourage a child to talk about something that he knows a lot about–perhaps something he has just learned and is proud to know.
5. Talk on the phone with children whenever possible.
6. Encourage children to take advantage of any speaking opportunities. Help them really communicate to an audience.
1. Make their relationship with you a truly beautiful one.
2. Talk out disagreements. Sit them down face to face to work out problems or disagreements they have with each other.
3. Don’t always step in on children’s relationships or try to steer them too much–let them work things out. (My children were having a terrific fight in the back seat of our station wagon once when I had laryngitis. I found that they worked it out better on their own than they would have with my direction.)
4. Do something special for your children to stress the importance of your friendship with them. Take them for a drive, or bring them a surprise.
5. Play the game “Which is the better way?” in which children act out a good and bad way of deciding who should have the first turn, getting the dishes done after Sunday dinner etc.

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Dear Parents, Patrons, Friends and Well Wishers

It is with great pleasure, that Sunbird Early Learning Centre, announces the fifth anniversary of its existence. Without your support, belief and input, this occasion would not be happening.
We would therefore like to invite you to the official opening of the new centre on Haralur Road. After a quiet start on the second floor of a clubhouse, Sunbird moved to a first floor apartment and was ‘hidden’ from the world. Although both Centres had adequate space, they were only a step to what we believe we have found in our new place: and 80% outdoor space on the Main Haralur Road. (opposite to Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant)
Sunbird is a wellknown Early Learning Centre after five years. Our main USP remains as a centre committed to excellence of offering the children unique learning experiences, a low student to teacher ratio, a place with parental interaction, participation and counseling, an opportunity to go for monthly unique field trips, and recently, a place with over 4000 sft of open space to play, learn, plant etc.
Thank you for gracing the occasion, looking forward to seeing you!
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Ready At Last

Dear Parents and Friends

Thank you for your continued patronage over the last 5 years.

Sunbird brings you a learning Centre like quite none other: Believing in the outdoors, we can offer you a place where your child can now go to school in a safe and spacious playground area! Enjoying over 4000 sqft of outdoor space with 500 sqft of sand play area alone, children are reluctantly going indoors for some ‘other type’ learning. The amount of activities outside are unlimited, ranging from races on the 1000 sqft lawn to the ever loved trampolin, and balancing cycles. Introducing shortly with be an organic garden planting, to keep the curious little minds interested. Not to forget that the daily Gymnastic times are now also kept outdoors, there is really not much missing to an amazing playground. Planned still is a traffic area and the swings.

For more pictures, please view the ‘faculty’ section in ‘Gallery’

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