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Sunbird October Birthdays

Congratulations to Atse and Advay on their birthdays in October. Atse is the first student to have a party in our premises. There were old and new friends that came and everyone had fun with the clown, the musicians, the sword fights and the games!! It was a magical time and thanks to all who made it possible!

Advay too enjoyed his birthday, when the grandparents and cousins came to celebrate in school! Advay is with us for quite some time and learned to speak and walk in Sunbird! Congratulations, our four year old birthday boy is a polite and studious young man! Happy Birthday to both! We are proud to have you!

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A Glimpse Through Our Themes

This is a compilation of theme pictures for you to enjoy. One was titled: ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, where the children attempted to recreate some famous buildings, another was titled:’ Nagaland’, which was culturally very enriching, thanks to Sharon (!) and the recent one was from the week of sign language, where they attempted to learn to speak with their hands. The excursion to a government school for the deaf was the conclusion of the theme. Thanks to all the parents who contributed art and craft items generously towards these deaf children.

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Sunbird Quote of the Month

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.      Rabindranath Tagore

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Sunbird is proud to present you the first art exhibition on the coming weekend. In our relentless effort to be creative, we would like to popularize the local art professionals. As you may remember, last year the students had an amazing encounter with Kalyan Rathore the sculptor and artist. Let us celebrate Dussera with artist SANDHYA SIRSI. She has given already one art class to the students and is planning to introduce art classes also for non Sunbird students and adults on Saturdays. Looking forward to see you!!!

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Birthdays September 2015

Congratulations to our sweet little princesses, which bring us so much joy and love!!

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