Christmas Sunbird 2016

Dear Parents

Thank you for your patience.We faced a snag with uploading the pictures. Just a little recap: Sunbird had a fantastic Christmas 2016, with parents participating along with the children. The video coverage is 30 minutes long and anyone who wants it can bring a USB.

We were able to upload some pictures of the fun. Please enjoy them.


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Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

Every birthday is important. It marks a year of growth, progress and accomplishment. Sunbird is always ready to host a little appreciation feast for the one who has completed  another year. We are proud of all of you, our Sunbirds!




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And the Winners Are….

In Sunbird, everyone’s a winner, because every child has a special characteristic, that is worth noting. All are worth a time of appreciation, and they love it…. So Congratulations to all  our little ones for outstanding performances during their year in Sunbird.




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Annual and Graduation Day

Welcome dear parents to a picture parade of your little ones performing on our Annual Day on the 19th of March 3016. As you may have noticed, none of the children felt, they ‘had to perform’ but were delighted to go on stage and come alive to rhythms, singing songs, playing out a drama, telling stories, piano recitals and their gymnastic routines. Thank you teachers, parents for making this another very memorable event!! See you in the new academic year!!

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Unending Celebrations

From Christmas to birthdays to Republic Day and back to birthday celebrations. As always, the children love to celebrate together. Last month, little Ira enjoyed both the Christmas as well as her second birthday celebration. Ashwin,one of our after school program students, who celebrated his birthday in school thoroughly enjoyed the attention from everyone. To add to the fun was dear Subhashini, for whom the children made a hand made card. Happy Celebrations, everyone!!



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A Joyous Farewell to 2015

Sunbird wishes all its readers a Happy, and Fulfilling New Year.

Enjoy with us the Christmas performances of the Sunbird Children in various places for the underprivileged. A big thank you to all the parents for their donations to bring cheer to these folks. We are so proud, that we have such willing an joyful little performers.

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Sunbird October Birthdays

Congratulations to Atse and Advay on their birthdays in October. Atse is the first student to have a party in our premises. There were old and new friends that came and everyone had fun with the clown, the musicians, the sword fights and the games!! It was a magical time and thanks to all who made it possible!

Advay too enjoyed his birthday, when the grandparents and cousins came to celebrate in school! Advay is with us for quite some time and learned to speak and walk in Sunbird! Congratulations, our four year old birthday boy is a polite and studious young man! Happy Birthday to both! We are proud to have you!

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Sunbird Carnival 2015

Dear All Thanks to all the children, parents and visitors Sunbird Carnival was a blast with exciting games, face painting, arts and crafts stall and of course  funny Jockel the Clown. All were in for a healthy treat with Mrs. Sunila’s yummy bakes from undercover bakers. Hope to see more of you soon in our fun place, where learning and happy times don’t stop.

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Sunbird Graduation Party 2015

Congratulations to all Sunbird students! They made tremendous progress this past year! It showed up, when they performed in various ways for the graduation party. Whether they swung across the monkey bars, completed perfect somersaults, acted out animal movements and sounds, sang ‘do a deer, a female deer’, acted out a drama or danced to catchy tunes, they knew what they were doing and they enjoyed it. There was not one dull moment and the many parents and visitors were proud of their kids!

Thank you dear teachers, you deserve a big round of applause for your tired less work around the clock to incorporate such a show besides the teaching and other responsibilities that you have!

Thank you parents for your support throughout the year which is an integral part of Sunbird’s success! The grand finale of handing out various certificates for exemplary achievements and ‘grade promotions’ was certainly enhanced by the amazing various snacks, pani puri and sweets made with pounded jaggery! Mmhh…

A Happy Holiday to all, both children and parents! For those who are moving on, all the best, and for the ones who stay with us, we will have a big surprise coming up!

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Christmas with Sunbird

Sunbird sent all the little angels to the underprivileged at the Building Blocks Slum School and Nightingale Daycare Center to bring Cheer and gifts and a touch of Christmas. They also visited the Fire Brigade Brave Men with their dances and a little gift. The grand finale was the celebration with the parents at the Sunbird School with a yummy potluck…..


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Year End Celebrations

At the beginning of this month, we celebrated Norah’s fourth birthday with lots of games and fun! It was a great little break from all the practising the students had been doing for the last four weeks. For the theme of the month we chose December as the month of giving. All parents contributed to give fifty blankets to older and underprivileged folks. Enjoy the pics of the pre-Christmas season.

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We hope that you all celebrated the big festivals the way Sunbird did. Our theme was ‘festivals’ and thanks to our sweet Punjabi Family, the students learned all about Diwali and the Baisaki festivals, which are passionately followed in that state. Whatever the celebration, it is done in style!! The children were gifted a “phulkari ” by the parents to complete dancing to the famous Bhangra style!! They brought Kada Prashad (halwa) and Black Gram(dry channe) as Punjab day snacks. The children decorated the Punjabi jutti, which is a Punjabi traditonal footwear. What fun everybody had!

Vedant’s family brought figurines used to celebrate Dussera and the students had fun removing all the books to display the ornaments and learning their names and usages. They also did Golu craft activites. Thank you for your contribution!

A trip to the Rangoli was planned for the children in anticipation of activities relating to Dussera. However, this year did not feature anything for them.  Thanks to the help of the parents, the kids were having a trip on the Metro instead with fun time anyways.

Adding to the celebrations were the birthdays of three of our students, Nandana, turned two, Jaiveen turned three and Rehaan turned three. Thank you all for sharing your birthdays and cakes with all your friends!! Congratulations also to Advay, who turned three and Atse who turned six!!




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Thank You Teachers, it is Your Day

There is a long list to describe what teachers are, but here are two favorites for our teachers!

Teachers are great resource centers. They are constantly involved in the learning process. Hence they are accumulating learning from two perspectives–from their own discoveries, and from the experiences of their pupils.

Successful teachers share certain traits that have contributed greatly to their success. For one thing, they prize creativity. For another thing, they know how and when to maintain discipline. They can also judge and evaluate people accurately. They have a sense of humour. And they have open minds–they are alert to new ideas and new developments in teaching.

                                                             H A P P Y  T E A C H E R ‘S  D A Y

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Independence Day 2014

The day began with a hearty play outdoors and ended with hilarious performances by our young dancers! It was great to see all perform so carefree and happy! What a way to celebrate the Spirit of Freedom! Enjoy the pictures!
















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