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To our dear parents

Thank you for another great year!! Enjoy the pictures of one of our last field trips to Uncle Dan’s gym. He is a gymnast from Romania who has been associated with Sunbird for a long time. He was impressed at how flexible Sunbird children are.

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Gardening fruits

Dear parents and friends

We want to thank our teachers and students for their faithfulness in watering, weeding and keeping the urban garden we had started a year ago. You may have been the recipient of some of the fruit like spinach, methi etc. Recently we harvested even cauliflower and eggplants. Enjoy some pics of the harvest!

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A Trip To Claystation

Recently we took the children to ‘Claystation,’ a studio that is open for a presentation for clay art. Catherine showed the children around to get them interested what can be made out of clay. All the children really enjoyed that time and got  some hands on experience.

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Summer Time Fun

During the two hot months, Sunbird children and their friends came together for many hours of fun, playing with sand and water, having exciting craft activities that nurtured their extra curricular skills in science, geography and magical light tricks. Relive the moments with them here.

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Dear parents and friends

We wanted to take you on a little tour of our recent events. We had a great summer camp with lots of participants, held many birthday parties and enjoyed great outdoor antics.

We hope you like the fun pictures.

Wishing you a Happy Independence Day ahead. Jay Hind




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So many parents are eager to know very early about their children’s talents and professional inclinations. At Sunbird, all of the students get to try many ‘professions’ via play. We have captured a few ‘at work’ and hope you can come to your own conclusions. Here are a few suggestions:

DSC00006 (2)



Master Chefs


Guitar Player




Mechanical Engineer


Professional Plummer




Opera Singer


Sound Engineer


Car Designer


Professional Model




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Exploring the Post Office

Sunbird children have had many opportunities to visit a lot of interesting places over the years. Our last field trip was a first and one of a kind: The friendly postmen and postwomen bowled the kids over with their smiles and warmth and made the trip so interesting. Thanks dear Vivek Nagar post office, thank you teachers and thank you parents Rajini and Abilash for taking the time and offering  to support us with participation and transport!!

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Harvesting Time and Farewell

Dear parents

Slowly the year is coming to an end. The children have harvested the horseradish they helped to plant some time ago. Most of the older children are finished with their assignments and all are practicing for the upcoming year end celebration. Enjoy the delighted faces with the radishes they took home.

This month, one of our students left for Canada. The children gave him a nice fare well. He got a card and a certificate for all rounder student. We will be looking forward to hearing of his progress there. All the best Advay, we miss you.

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Paper Power

Welcome to a new year with new adventures! At the onset of this year, we were fortunate enough to visit Jenny Pinto’s paper design studio. What a far out time the children had, some even put their hand to ‘making paper out of banana leaves”! Enjoy their art too.

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The Butterfly Park

After a long spell of rain, Sunbird students ventured out in the end of November and had a surprise sunny day; perfect weather for an excursion!

Thank you dear parents, who took off from their busy schedule to support the teachers! They all had a great day and learned about the beautiful creatures in their natural environment!

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Importance of Play


Play is a vital learning medium for a child. In a sense, play is his work. Sunbird students get a lot of opportunities to play, ‘make believe’ time while developing  good friendships at the same time. The toys provided are durable to provide the support  for their play time. Enjoy Sunbird’s happy children ‘at work’.



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Sunbird’s First Art Exhibition

Dear Reader

The title may come as a surprise, but the intention was just that, to put the children in touch with the professionals of the many areas of learning. Sandhya Sirsi, who invited them to her atelier just a couple of months ago, graciously agreed to hold a exhibiton, with the intention to bring the children and their parents closer to art!! As a continued program, Sunbird is now open on Saturdays for art classes for adults, where the build up happens of six weeks modules. Please do get in touch if interested.

Sunbird wishes its readers a Happy Diwali with posititveness and prosperity for the coming year!

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Learning Pays Off

The children enjoy learning in the afternoons as well. Some of the following pictures are taken of our after care children. Again, lots of repetition brings forth the desired results.Whether play or being guided by a teacher, every moment is a great learning experience. Our piano teacher spices up the musical experience on Tuesdays and has a great ability to get the children interested. He is a well sought after  piano teacher in another music academy. Enjoy the outdoor pics!

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A Glimpse Through Our Themes

This is a compilation of theme pictures for you to enjoy. One was titled: ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, where the children attempted to recreate some famous buildings, another was titled:’ Nagaland’, which was culturally very enriching, thanks to Sharon (!) and the recent one was from the week of sign language, where they attempted to learn to speak with their hands. The excursion to a government school for the deaf was the conclusion of the theme. Thanks to all the parents who contributed art and craft items generously towards these deaf children.

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Of Looms, Yarn, Warp and Weft

You may wonder, what little children would know about such big words? At Sunbird, they will learn interesting facts about as many topics as possible. The term ‘weaving’ was introduced and practised by them for the theme by the same name.  They learned the skill with paper to understand what happens in a loom with ‘warp’ and ‘weft’. The finale surprise was a visit to NIFT institute. They were welcomed by Professor Mogha, who enthusiastically led them through the different departments of young aspiring artists. They learned about the loom, spinning ‘Jenny’, knitting, designing, and stitching, as well as different types of cloth material. The students cheerfully taught them different ‘techniques’. Thank you , Prof. Shivalingaiah, Prof. Mogha and wonderful young people!!

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