Graduation in Motion 2

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Graduation in Motion

Hi parents, we are publishing the little clips taken on youtube. We will keep  publishing them over the next few days. Enjoyy

P2 and KG dance

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And the Winners Are….

In Sunbird, everyone’s a winner, because every child has a special characteristic, that is worth noting. All are worth a time of appreciation, and they love it…. So Congratulations to all  our little ones for outstanding performances during their year in Sunbird.




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Annual and Graduation Day

Welcome dear parents to a picture parade of your little ones performing on our Annual Day on the 19th of March 3016. As you may have noticed, none of the children felt, they ‘had to perform’ but were delighted to go on stage and come alive to rhythms, singing songs, playing out a drama, telling stories, piano recitals and their gymnastic routines. Thank you teachers, parents for making this another very memorable event!! See you in the new academic year!!

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So many parents are eager to know very early about their children’s talents and professional inclinations. At Sunbird, all of the students get to try many ‘professions’ via play. We have captured a few ‘at work’ and hope you can come to your own conclusions. Here are a few suggestions:

DSC00006 (2)



Master Chefs


Guitar Player




Mechanical Engineer


Professional Plummer




Opera Singer


Sound Engineer


Car Designer


Professional Model




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Exploring the Post Office

Sunbird children have had many opportunities to visit a lot of interesting places over the years. Our last field trip was a first and one of a kind: The friendly postmen and postwomen bowled the kids over with their smiles and warmth and made the trip so interesting. Thanks dear Vivek Nagar post office, thank you teachers and thank you parents Rajini and Abilash for taking the time and offering  to support us with participation and transport!!

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Paper Power

Welcome to a new year with new adventures! At the onset of this year, we were fortunate enough to visit Jenny Pinto’s paper design studio. What a far out time the children had, some even put their hand to ‘making paper out of banana leaves”! Enjoy their art too.

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Sunbird Quote of the Month

Dream new dreams today.Set new goals today. Love your family today. Be a friend today. Spend  your time on things that truly count today. Do things better….today                            Author Unknown

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A Joyous Farewell to 2015

Sunbird wishes all its readers a Happy, and Fulfilling New Year.

Enjoy with us the Christmas performances of the Sunbird Children in various places for the underprivileged. A big thank you to all the parents for their donations to bring cheer to these folks. We are so proud, that we have such willing an joyful little performers.

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Sunbird Quote of the Month

What you leave in your children, is more important than what you leave to them.      Denis Waitley

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The Butterfly Park

After a long spell of rain, Sunbird students ventured out in the end of November and had a surprise sunny day; perfect weather for an excursion!

Thank you dear parents, who took off from their busy schedule to support the teachers! They all had a great day and learned about the beautiful creatures in their natural environment!

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Sunbird is proud to present you the first art exhibition on the coming weekend. In our relentless effort to be creative, we would like to popularize the local art professionals. As you may remember, last year the students had an amazing encounter with Kalyan Rathore the sculptor and artist. Let us celebrate Dussera with artist SANDHYA SIRSI. She has given already one art class to the students and is planning to introduce art classes also for non Sunbird students and adults on Saturdays. Looking forward to see you!!!

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Birthdays September 2015

Congratulations to our sweet little princesses, which bring us so much joy and love!!

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Organic Farming Part 2

Hello everyone, we are back with the second excursion to a flower nursery and an organic farm that we visited last month. The children got  busy themselves and planted fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, spinach, onion and radish seeds. Now after diligently watering the plants for a month, the little plants are surfacing. We also already had one harvest of fenugreek leaves. The children learned that little things like diligently watering will bring fruits and they were excited that it all payed off.

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To all art lovers

At Sunbird, we encourage and introduce all the arts, crafts, music and important sciences available. This time, at the graceful invitation of the Sirsi’s, Sunbird headed out to their home. The Field trip proved to be quite the entertainment. Besides the atelier in the home, the familiy Sirsi explained the outdoors, which was amazing. Everyone was captured at so many new things to be learned. Thank you, dear Family Sirsi, for opening the door to us and of course, Sandhya for all the lovely work the children were able to admire.

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