Sunbird Goes Organic 1

Everyone at Sunbird has welcomed the rain these past weeks. The children have been introduced into farming and gardening. The theme was ‘South Indian Flora’. It is so rich in variety, that it was a difficult choice for the teachers to pick the ‘right’ plants, vegetables and herbs. So as a start, Sunbird students visited an organic farm of a friend nearby. He explained the way he looks after his vegetables and fruits. The children also learned about the word ‘irrigation’. Thereafter, they loved to ‘dig’ themselves into our own little ‘Sunbird earth.’ with the help of Albert, the master farmer.

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Sunbird Quote of the Month

Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree.   Marian Wright Edelman

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Birthdays at Sunbird

Two birthdays in a row for our support staff were enjoyed by all, the children appreciated each of them for their help and time they make it work for all!! Parent Sunila made the cakes and they tasted yummy. Ahan shared his birthday in school as well and was most happy with all his friends around him, our sunny boy!

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Sunbird Salutes the Flag

In a twist from the classical attire on India’s important day, August 15th, Sunbird’s students all showed up as different freedom characters, from Rani Jhansi to Subra Chandra Bose. The best part was, that these youngsters already knew the role those freedom fighters played. At Sunbird, we also saluted Dr. Abdul Kalam, who is a freedom fighter in his own right. His inspiring ‘freedom speech’ that leads to peace for the nation, can be listened to on this link:

https://youtu.be/e23Evyrzdic  :   It is wonderful for teachers and parents to know what important role they play!


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Of Learning, Blue’s and Fun

Part of Sunbird will always be having a great time while learning important facts! This is a little glimpse through the July month, where everyone, even the smallest, experience happy learning times in a safe, outdoor surroundings!

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Welcome to the Outdoor School

If you feel, that your child does not have enough opportunity to play outside, at Sunbird, the children spend at least two hours everyday, learning outdoors, having snacks outdoors and of course have lots of playtime!

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Dear Parents, Patrons, Friends and Well Wishers

It is with great pleasure, that Sunbird Early Learning Centre, announces the fifth anniversary of its existence. Without your support, belief and input, this occasion would not be happening.
We would therefore like to invite you to the official opening of the new centre on Haralur Road. After a quiet start on the second floor of a clubhouse, Sunbird moved to a first floor apartment and was ‘hidden’ from the world. Although both Centres had adequate space, they were only a step to what we believe we have found in our new place: and 80% outdoor space on the Main Haralur Road. (opposite to Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant)
Sunbird is a wellknown Early Learning Centre after five years. Our main USP remains as a centre committed to excellence of offering the children unique learning experiences, a low student to teacher ratio, a place with parental interaction, participation and counseling, an opportunity to go for monthly unique field trips, and recently, a place with over 4000 sft of open space to play, learn, plant etc.
Thank you for gracing the occasion, looking forward to seeing you!
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Ready At Last

Dear Parents and Friends

Thank you for your continued patronage over the last 5 years.

Sunbird brings you a learning Centre like quite none other: Believing in the outdoors, we can offer you a place where your child can now go to school in a safe and spacious playground area! Enjoying over 4000 sqft of outdoor space with 500 sqft of sand play area alone, children are reluctantly going indoors for some ‘other type’ learning. The amount of activities outside are unlimited, ranging from races on the 1000 sqft lawn to the ever loved trampolin, and balancing cycles. Introducing shortly with be an organic garden planting, to keep the curious little minds interested. Not to forget that the daily Gymnastic times are now also kept outdoors, there is really not much missing to an amazing playground. Planned still is a traffic area and the swings.

For more pictures, please view the ‘faculty’ section in ‘Gallery’

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Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake, Baker’s Man……..

The crowning and final excursion for 2014 -2015 was BAKING!!! Thanks to Sunila, our parent and advocate of healthy loaves, the children started to really love getting ‘into the dough’. At first they all baked a yummy banana bread, that was made with pounded jaggery, brown sugar and whole wheat flour!! The result was perfect as you can see in the picture.

Next, Mrs. Durga Menon, owner of Iluvia Bakery on Sarjapur Road and equally a health food enthusiast, invited the children for a hands on learning how to make a pizza. They kneaded the dough, topped it with tomato paste and cheese and got to eat it in the end. What Fun learning. Thank you mam, the kids loved it and so did the adults!!

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Love Art? Enjoy New Techniques! What Fun!

Most children love to experience colours on paper. Be it scribbling, using fingers or drawing amazing shapes, Sunbird students are no exception. Enjoy the snaps of them learning new applications.

Sunbird celebrated Subhashini’s birthday, and all students love her! Happy Birthday!

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Sunibird’s quote of the day

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

Norman Vincent Peale

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To reach real peace in the world we will have to begin with the children.    Mahatma Gandhi

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In February, we held an interesting seminar titled: The Art of communication with children. The core theme consisted of ten key points which were love, sense of timing, patience,respect, honesty, sensitivity and tact, wisdom, confidentiality and trust, sense of humor, clarity, regularity in communication. The seminar was very interactive, and parents enacted various scenes, of how to handle difficult situations. Here are some impressions from the Seminar, written by parents:
Handling children of different ages is a challenge. This seminar helped me to handle situations with love and patience and also to put myself int the child’s place. (Linda)

Very interesting seminar. Some basic and fundamental issues regarding communication were introduced appropriately with relevant examples. Very useful to parents.(Swetha)

I am really glad to attend this seminar. It helped me to understand the importance of proper communication and skills to be developed within me to improve the mental development of my child. Thank you. ( Neethu)

“Child upbringing” it’s a big responsibility. Happy to be a part of the seminar. Not merely informative, but has given light into a lot of things which may appear small but very vital they the kids grow up to an adult. Because it build their personality. Very Enlightening presentation. Thanks so much. (Latha)]

It was definitely a learning especially how to go about the situation by saying a “yes” and not “no. Looking forward to the next one. (Srinivas)

It was a great experience for me to be part of my kid’s personality and communication. ( Shruti)

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The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.       Maria Montessori

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Parent support

At Sunbird, we strongly believe in parent / teacher relationship. Thankfully we have enthusiastic parents, who enjoy participating in activities, which is something we appreciate and welcome. Recently two parents initiated something for the children. One was making pasta with the kids and another one was inspired story-teller. As you see, there are already budding young story-tellers among us as well.

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