Learning Art With Sunbird Early Learning

Overview :

Drawing like speaking is a natural human response. In every culture whether with sticks in the sand or pencil and paper – children draw. They draw what they see as important in their environment: people, shelter, trees and animals. The plan is to teach children the basics of drawing before they conclude “I can’t”.


–              Learning basic elements of shape.

–              Combining basic elements of shapes to form different objects.

–              Breaking down an object or image into the basic elements of shape.

–              Sketching and shading.

–              Using different techniques in painting.

–              Focus on lighting from different angles


  • Sunbird focuses on teaching basic shapes , then move to symbols and continue to develop the pupil’s own drawing strategies.
  • Sunbird focuses on using the Monart’s Method and different tools and techniques for drawing and painting.
  • Teachers play games  in the break to increase art stimuli.
  • Group work and observation


  • Building confidence in drawing ability by teaching the child how to react emotionally to ongoing experiences.
  • Will be able to develop their own styles within the parameters of drawing and painting.
  • Creating aesthetic awareness.


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