Innovative workshops:  Drama

 Drama plays a vital role in the cognitive, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development in preschool age children and also builds self-esteem and confidence in front of their peers.

Our Early Years Drama classes are designed to take your children into an imaginary world where they can comfortably explore feelings, words, sounds, movement and their relationships with others. We guide your children through each story creatively, allowing them to imagine their very own version as they all become the sights, sounds and characters.

Theaterbugs classes continue for the second month and there is room for more children to participate.

Josef from Germany, who is an Arts and Performance trainer at local pre-schools, as well as a professional clown, balloon artist and puppeteer, is heading the class at Sunbird

Every Wednesday from  2:30 to 3:30 pm

Module 1: (June – December 2015)

Pre-drama training 

*   Exploring and Creating – building confidence and control through games and activities to examine       expression of emotions, sound, mime, action, songs, etc..

*    explore imaginary worlds through role play,

*    instill willingness to participate through fun activities,

*    learn to play with different voices and body language to suit the character,

*    Fun games and action songs

Benefits part 1:

The aim of the classes is to assist children from the age of 2 years to develop:

* Self Esteem and Confidence

* Social & Emotional Development

* Creative Imagination

* Mime, Mask and Puppetry

* Storytelling and Characterization

* Improvisation

* Acting Games and Stage Craft

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