Music is another important mile stone for children to learn. Since many years, experts have found that music is another knowledge, and making music an important part of it:

Making music is as much a basic life skill as walking or talking. Peery and Peery (1987) suggest that it is desirable for children to be exposed to, trained in and enculturated with music for its own sake. That is, it is a birthright for all people to be able to sing in tune and march to a beat (Levinowitz and Guilmartin, 1989, 1992, 1996). To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, music must be included in early childhood.

While our little ones receive daily musical input in some form,like  dance, sing, hop and clap to a rhythm, Sunbird is opening its doors for other interested pupils: Every Tuesday ( Guitar) and Every Thursday, (Piano) we conduct classes from 3 years up.

Sunbird Music Profiles:

Zevelo Venuh:

Guitar experience: plays over 10 years; performed in bands and gigs. Has worked in Furtados as a guitar specialist and technician.

Teaching experience: six years; presently in Aveve Academy  music faculty.

  1. Lalnuntluanga:

Guitar  experience: plays over 10 years;

Teaching experience: 5 years in Allegro School of Music, Mizoram; currently conducting private classes in Bangalore.

Lalhungchhunga Kawini

Keyboard experience: plays over 9 years. Has an 8th  grade Piano and Theory of Music through the associated Board of the Royall School of Music London.

Teaching experience: 6 years in Allegro School of Music, Mizoram; presently in Aveve Academy in the music faculty since 2014 and HMC (Harry Music Class) in Koramangala

Do call for a demo class in the school and enroll your little one:

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